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Is this the ideal game for me ?

It is the ideal game to make your first step into the world of board games!

A Game for the whole family with challenging levels for both beginners and advanced players.

Meet them heroes of KOSMOGONIA 2086 based on Greek mythology and ancient story!

A new world of super heroes is being created and is ready to conquer the universe!

Kosmogonia 2086 - Kronos Epilogue is a strategy card game for 1-4 players, with mechanisms of open drafting, hand management, secret placement & card playing unit resolution.


In the game you claim cards with modern characters from Greek mythology and history and organize them into groups to claim against mythical monsters, treasures that are hidden in various areas of the Greek space. Take part in fights of Fist, Deus and Cunning but be careful, because in every mission you don't win, the treasures are driven into the hands of the Saturn Titan and make him even Stronger.

You will need tactics, a plan & flexibility to be the one to collect the most keys to enter Olympus first and best equip his team for the final showdown with Kronos. Wisely use the special powers of your Citadels, the Reinforcements you can call on the faces of individual characters like Hercules and Leonidas, and correctly read your opponents and their intentions.

Kosmogonia 2086, Kronos Epilogue

SKU: 771967
€40.00 Regular Price
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  • Strategy card game

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