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Oracle of the Dead is an expansion of Kosmogonia 2086 - Kronos Epilogue for 3-5 players.


This expansion introduces as a new player the King of the Underworld, who claims victory asymmetrically from his opponents. Hades tries to outpower Kronos and take his place as the game's ultimate villain in the final showdown.


Also added to the game is Acheron, a new area with powerful treasures, a horde of undead spearmen, as well as many necromantic spells that contain the hidden knowledge of the oracle of the Dead.


Choose when to unleash the power of Persephone, summon the mighty Cerberus, and recruit the souls of your defeated opponents. Take the power of the grim lord into your hands and rule from the depths of the earth to the top of Olympus!

Kosmogonia 2086, Oracle of the Dead. Expansion Pack

SKU: 12101990
€18.00 Regular Price
€14.99Sale Price
  • Strategy card game

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